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Acoustic Light



Acoustic Light is now an important reference point for the technologies audio, lighting and video for the show and entertainment. Our mission is to provide customers with a high quality service by making their events, in any field (show, entertainment or business), the best possible audiovisual experience for the audience. This is achieved through a careful design work, our team of technicians, employers light and sound engineers highly trained and updated, high-tech equipment and a network of affiliates throughout Italy that allows us, if necessary, to have adequate support at the venue. There are many areas in which we offer advice and services with professionalism and seriousness, taking care of every aspect, even aesthetic, in detail and always in compliance with the regulations in order to provide the best solution for audio, lighting, logistics and environment for the realization of a successful event: – music (concerts, musicals, festivals, live recordings, etc.) – theater – dance – events – exhibitions – conferences and company presentations, branching, etc.. – architectural lighting – special fittings. In addition to service full service , Acoustic Ligth also handles rental , sale and installation of audio visual equipment,ensuring, in this context, a high level of service thanks the quality of the equipment supplied (systems recognized by the category code in the world) and the assistance of our technical staff.The constant investment in updating the staff and the latest audiovisual technologies has starred reputation of Acoustic Light at both end customers that other industry professionals. Always, in fact, we collaborate with the latter that cater to Acoustic Ligth wondering services ranging from the integration of their audiovisual systems, to full service advice through to the resolution of technical problems


Description Brand Product SKU
64 input, 24 mono/stereo busses with 1 Vistonics Touchscreen InterfaceSoundcraft Mixing ConsolesVi1
96input, 24 mono/stereo busses with 4 Vistonics II Touchscreen InterfacesSoundcraft Mixing ConsolesVi3000

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