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Art Studio Pro



ART -Studio
Company Art Studio is the official representative of the world’s leading manufacturers of professional sound and lighting equipment, stage systems and musical instruments on the market of the Republic of Belarus.


Description Brand Product SKU
Fullsize Arrayable 2-18" Subwoofer with Ultra Long Excursion WoofersJBL LoudspeakersVerTec VT4880A V5
Subcompact Passive 3-Way High Directivity Line Array ElementJBL LoudspeakersVerTec VT4886 V5
Midsize Tri-Amplified 3-Way High Directivity Line Array ElementJBL LoudspeakersVerTec VT4888 V5
Powered Midsize 3-Way High Directivity Line Array ElementJBL LoudspeakersVerTec VT4888DP-DA V5
15" 2-Way Stage MonitorJBL LoudspeakersVRX915M V5
15" Bi-Amplified 2-Way SystemJBL LoudspeakersVTX F15
18" Compact Single WooferJBL LoudspeakersVTX F18S
Full Size 3-Way High Directivity Line ArrayJBL LoudspeakersVTX V25
Dual 18" Subwoofer - SuspendableJBL LoudspeakersVTX S28
Complete Rack Solution with 3 I-Tech12000HD AmplifiersCrown Power AmplifiersVRACK12000HD
Complete Rack Solution with 3 I-Tech4x3500HD AmplifiersCrown Power AmplifiersVRACK4X3500HD
96 input, 32 mono/stereo busses with 4 Vistonics Touchscreen InterfacesSoundcraft Mixing ConsolesVi4
96 input, 32 mono/stereo busses with 5 Vistonics Touchscreen InterfacesSoundcraft Mixing ConsolesVi6
High Performance Minature Condenser Vibration PickupAKG MicrophonesC411
High Performance Miniature Condenser MicrophoneAKG MicrophonesC430
Refereence Small Diaphragm Condenser MicrophoneAKG MicrophonesC451 B
Professional Consdenser Vocal MicrophoneAKG MicrophonesC5
Professional Dynamic Bass MicrophoneAKG MicrophonesD112
Professional Dynamic Vocal MicrophoneAKG MicrophonesD5
Reference Dynamic Vocal MicrophoneAKG MicrophonesD7
Reference Digital Wireless Microphone SystemAKG MicrophonesDMS700 V2
Reference Analog Wireless Microphone SystemAKG MicrophonesWMS4500
HiQnet SoftwareHiQnet Audio Architect
HiQnet SoftwareHiQnet System Architect
HiQnet SoftwareJBL HiQnet Performance Manager
HiQnet SoftwarePowered by Crown
HiQnet SoftwareViSi Remote
HiQnet SoftwareHiQnet Motion Control

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