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Audio XL



Audio XL is active across the entire width of the professional audio industry with a onberkte capacity when it comes to power or complexity, but also a basic audio system for your restaurant or bowling alley we design with enthusiasm and dedication. We are your, and our, installer aside to give you a quality installation with him.

Live Sound

  • • Advanced sound systems based on the principle Line Array
  • • Modern “wireless” control
  • • Digital and analog mixers and multi-cable systems
  • • Wireless multi-channel microphone technique of the highest level
  • • All conceivable outboard equipment.

Recording & Broadcast

  • • Broadcast & Postproduction mixers, digital and analog
  • • Monitoring in all desired formats
  • • Recording microphones of the highest level
  • • Wide range of professional “home recording” products

Knowledge of the market:
The market we know our customers and our competitors. We distinguish ourselves by the quality and diversity of the products we distribute. The composition of our product range enables you to always create a no-compromise audio design. There is virtually no situation or environment imaginable where Audio XL, so you can not deliver a high quality solution.

Product knowledge;
Virtually all commercial and technical staff of Audio XL have a background in audio-related career. Of our products and their properties, we have built a profound knowledge. We ensure these properties as much as possible for you to document technical so we can share the knowledge with you. We do that by providing you with regular and mailshots and / or technical updates. We also organize training courses and seminars to bring you in direct contact with the equipment. In our colleagues, we continually invest in training and education to increase their product knowledge.

Knowledge of the applications;
Audio XL translates the needs of its customers to appropriate and economical product solutions. We think along.Audio XL also looks at the place where its products are used. After all, each application has its own specific application requirements. Audio XL deepens like no other in the area of its customers. Therefore, our solutions are fit-for-use.


Description Brand Product SKU
96 input, 32 mono/stereo busses with 5 Vistonics Touchscreen InterfacesSoundcraft Mixing ConsolesVi6
96 input, 32 mono/stereo busses with 4 Vistonics Touchscreen InterfacesSoundcraft Mixing ConsolesVi4

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