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Audiopol Live DA



Audiopol Live is a leading supplier  RENTAL  of sound, light and stage for all kinds of events in Telemark, and we also offer services throughout southern Norway. We offer equipment of the best quality, and our personnel has always aimed to create better events.


Description Brand Product SKU
96 input, 32 mono/stereo busses with 4 Vistonics Touchscreen InterfacesSoundcraft Mixing ConsolesVi4
Reference Digital Wireless Microphone SystemAKG MicrophonesDMS700 V2
Refereence Small Diaphragm Condenser MicrophoneAKG MicrophonesC451 B
Professional Dynamic Vocal MicrophoneAKG MicrophonesD5
Reference Dynamic Vocal MicrophoneAKG MicrophonesD7

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