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Small Pocket Poets LLC



Audio Rental

If you need it, Chances are we have it! Our over the counter rentals include, but are not limited to:

  • Wireless microphones
  • Lapels
  • CD players
  • Speakers
  • Sub woofers
  • Power Amps
  • Both Digital and Analog Mixers and Consoles
  • In Ear Monitor systems
  • Split Snakes
  • Cables
  • Live Recording Gear
  • Distros and much more!

Lighting Rental

We carry a large inventory of lighting and accessories for over the counter rentals and deliveries.

Complete 120K Conventional Systems, Movers, LED, Ellipsoidal, Controllers, Fog machines and Hazers, Trussing, Lifts,  Par cans, Base Plates, Truss Accessories, Socapex, Breakouts, Stage Pin, DMX cables and more.

Please call us for your next concert, Christmas Program, Party, Wedding, or Cross rental!

Video Rental

Whether outdoor or indoors we can provide the visual experience your event requires with our video equipment rental products. From flat panel TVs to projectors or large LED display panels we will work with your specifications to get the video equipment you need.

Backline Rental

With our ever expanding backline rental equipment we can help your event be heard from the stage and keep your artist happy. We offer a variety of drums, bass rigs, keyboards, guitar amps and cabinets, microphones, stands, cables, tape and anything else you may have to provide.


Description Brand Product SKU
Fullsize 3-Way High Directivity Line Array Element (Composite Enclosure)JBL LoudspeakersVerTec VT4889 V4
Powered Midsize 3-Way High Directivity Line Array ElementJBL LoudspeakersVerTec VT4888DP-DA V5

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